CroxX CRF 

CroxX Cote

Fully polymer coated fertilizer for a controlled nutrient release  Compound NPK Fertilizer or physical blends with a controlled
nutrient release from 3, 6 ,9 or 12 months in various NPK ratios with MgO and TE.

Customized and flexible formulas are produced depending on
climate conditions and crop needs ensuring a growth adapted nutrient release avoiding nutrient losses by fixation, leaching or volatilization. 

Balanced- , Single Nutrient- , Starter- , Special TE- Formulas 

For fertilization in Fruit Tree Plantations, Forestry, Plant Hole Fertilization and substrate mixes in ornamental crops. 



  • Flexible Formulas on request including MgO and TE
  • All common longevities
  • Controlled nutrient release depending on moisture and temperature
  • Safe nutrient supply adapted to nutrient demand of the plant
  • Less fertilizer applications and reduced overall volumes

Packing: 25 kg

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