CroxX foliar


High Nitrogen Fertilizer with Iron and Molybdenum to enhance protein concentration in cereals and to cover spike N-demands of crops. Mg, and Mo support N-metabolism and chlorophyll production.

For Foliar and Soil Application

Content (% w/w):28.0 N / 0.6 MgO / 0.02 Fe* / 0.005 Mo  
Fe chelated with EDTA 

Density (kg/l): 1.31 / pH: 7.3 


  • Premium High Nitrogen Fertilizer with Urea, Ammonium and Nitrate
  • Enriched with Magnesium, Iron and Molybdenum
  • Efficient and fast action
  • Low in chloride

Packing: 1l / 5l / 20l / 1000l

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