CroxX Inhibitors and Enhancer 

Double ProtectioN 

“Ready-to-use” solutions for stabilization of Slurry and Digestates

The perfect combination of two established technologies:
Nitrification Inhibitor and P-Booster.
Developed for liquid manure/slurry and digestates. 

Adding DMPP to Slurry and Digestates delays the conversion of ammonium to nitrite significantly Ammonium (NH4+) remains stable and available to plants avoiding leaching and gaseous losses. 

Additionally, P-Booster shelters the Phosphate like a protective shield from reacting with Calcium, Aluminum, or Iron. Subsequently, Phosphate from Slurry remains available for the plant, regardless of soil pH. 

Standard Concentrations: 3,7 % DMPP and 36,0 % P-Booster. 


  • Longer NH4 in the soil 
  • More N for the plant 
  • Less N losses through leaching (NO3) and volatilization (N2O) 
  • Higher efficiency of all Phosphate Fertilizers 
  • Reduced Phosphate precipitation by Ca, Fe or Al 

Packing: 20l / 200 l / 1000l 

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