CroxX Nitrification Inhibitor 

Nitrification Inhibitor 
(3.4 DMPP) 

CroxX Nitrification Inhibitor delays the conversion of ammonium to nitrate significantly. It can be added to mineral and/or organic fertilizers. 

CroxX Nitrification Inhibitor inhibits Nitrosomonas activity and therefore Nitrogen will remain available as ammonium (NH4+) to plants for up to 14 weeks. Leaching losses of NO3- and gaseous losses of N2O are largely reduced whereby in consequence Nitrogen Use Efficiency is increased. 

Standard Concentrations:
CroxX Nitrification Inhibitor 18% DMPP
CroxX Nitrification Inhibitor 30% DMPP 

Various colors for branding available 

Simple application in fertilizer mixing systems (batch mixer, continuous mixer or screw conveyer) and to liquid fertilizers. 

For AS, ASN, DAP, MAP, CAN, Urea, NPK, UAN, Blends, etc. 


  • L​onger NH4 in the soil
  • More N for the plant
  • Less N losses though leaching (NO3-) and volatilization (N2O)

Packing: 20l / 200 l / 1000l 

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