CroxX Inhibitors and Enhancers 


“Ready-to-apply” solution for solid / liquid and organic fertilizers to ensure P and N availiabilty 

Combination of P-Enhancer (CroxX P-Booster) and Nitrification Inhibitor DMPP 

For all common phosphate fertilizers with ammonium nitrogen such as: (DAP, MAP, 20-20, 13-40-13 etc.) by evenly spraying or injecting.  

Standard Concentrations:
27% P-Enhancer (Organic Complex) and 10% DMPP
Various colors for branding available. 

Easy to use in a fertilizer mixing system (batch mixer or continuous mixer) or in a screw conveyor with dosing device. 


  • Increase Phosphate availability
  • Higher efficiency of all Phosphate fertilizers
  • Less N losses through leaching (NO3) and volatilization (N2O)
  • Safe handling

Packing: 20l / 200 l / 1000l 

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