CroxX Nitrification Inhibitor 


“Ready-to-use” DMPP-solution for stabilization of Slurry and Digestates
Additive containing 3.4 DMPP  

Standard Concentrations:
5% DMPP 

CroxX Nitrification Inhibitor delays the conversion of ammonium to nitrate significantly. 

CroxX Nitrification Inhibitor inhibits Nitrosomonas activity and therefore Nitrogen will remain available as ammonium (NH4+) to plants for up to 14 weeks. Leaching losses of NO3- and gaseous losses of N2O are largely reduced whereby in consequence Nitrogen Use Efficiency is increased. 


  • Longer NH4 in the soil
  • More N for the plant
  • Less N losses though leaching (NO3-) and volatilization (N2O) 

Packing: 20l / 200 l / 1000l 

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