CroxX stabil

stabil 26-0-0

The most known single stabilized Nitrogen Fertilizers with 3.4 DMPP. Its high NH4 content secures optimum effect of the Nitrification Inhibitor.  

For all crops and grassland
Green colored.
For field application 

Content (% w/w):26.0 N / 32.5 SO3
Bulk density (g/l): 950-990 / pH: 3.5-4.0 / Averagegranule size (mm): 2.0-5.0 


  • Balanced Nitrate and Ammonium N-content
  • Low in chlorine
  • Contains 32% SO3
  • Environmental benefits (less groundwater pollution and greenhouse gases)

Available in 25 kg and Big Bag

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