CroxX stim


Liquid Biostimulant containing 10 % Free L-Amino Acids of vegetal origin. Thanks to its outstanding pureness the
L-amino acids are absorbed extremely fast with minimal energy demand and are 100% available by the plant.  

For foliar application and fertigation. 

Content(% w/w): 16.5 Amino Acids (10.0 Free AA) / 6.5 N  
Density (kg/l): 1.22 / pH: 6.4-6.6 / 


  • Increase of the chlorophyll production and acceleration of growth
  • Enhancement of flowering and fruit setting
  • Increase of quality (brix, size, and color)
  • Higher plant pest and pathogen resistance
  • Enhancement of synthesis of vitamins and lipids
  • Stimulation of root growth

Packing: 1l / 5l / 20l / 1000l

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