CroxX stim


Organic-mineral N fertilizer solution high in Magnesium, B, Mo and Kelp Extract from Durvillea potatorum.
Rich in naturally stimulating ingredients as Mannitol and Oligosaccharides, known to lower osmotic stress.
For better flowering. 

For Foliar Application and Fertigation.

Content (% w/w): 4.0 N / 5.0 MgO / 1.0 B / 0.2 Mo / 15.0 Kelp Density (kg/l): 1.20 / pH: 6.6 


  • Balanced formula rich in MgO, B and Mo
  • Triggers natural defenses of plants against abiotic stress
    (drought, heat, salt)
  • Stimulates and supports flowering

Packing: 1l / 5l / 20l / 1000l

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